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Arrival: Dolazak
Departure: Odlazak

„Shrine“ or Vrelo

„Shrine“ or Vrelo is located 850 meters from Hotel Ramonda. Even the prehistoric people used it to fill themselves with positive energy and to improve the condition of their body. The place was found and marked by academician Jovan Davidović and radiation was measured by international team led by Saša Nađfei. The Shrine was researched several times by both domestic and foreign scientists and it was scientifically proven that this was the place with the strongest energy on the planet. It radiates orgone, electromagnetic and ozone energy which combination has a healing effect on the human body.  Measurements showed that energy fields constantly change on Rtanj. The summit of Rtanj mountain – Šiljak, mostly absorbs the energy, while the Shrine radiates positive energy. The energy bursts from Rtanj in vertical direction. There are other locations on Rtanj that radiate the positive energy, but this is the only one that has been researched. There are written records showing that somewhere at the base of Rtanj was a hospital for Roman legionaries, due to proximity of Felix Romuliana. Legends say people believed that positive energy of Rtanj helped wounds heal 3 times faster in this hospital, so the wounded soldiers from the entire Roman Empire were brought here for treatment. The Shrine has positive effects on human body, but it is recommended to spend a moderate amount of time at the location – a maximum 20 minutes a day for two consecutive days.