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Arrival: Dolazak
Departure: Odlazak

Bogovinska cave

Bogovinska Cave, is an active cave, located on the southeast edges of Južni Kučaj massif. It lies in the administrative area of Bogovina village, 12 km from Boljevac. It is one of the longest caves in Serbia, with an explored cave system being approximately 6 km long. By its morphology, Bogovinska cave is a horizontal, underground form of karst relief with channels in three planes.  The cave also a home to a very interesting fauna, including cave arthropods. Some of the most important species found in the cave include pseudoscorpio, terrestrial endemic shrimp and subtroglophilic insect.

The accessible parts of the cave consist of: Concert hall, which north wall is covered by monumental formations, has a dome and iridescent colours. It looks festive and imposing. It is very acoustic, so it is suitable for organizing musical and literal events. Mining Hall is located at the terrace on the right side of the river channel. It is dedicated to miners of Bogovina. Cyclopes’ Hall has many cave formations, mostly stalagmites. The central part is reserved for Cyclopes, after which the hall got its name. Hajduk Hall got its name after rosy-coloured, 10 meters-hight stalagmite that represents Hajduk Veljko, while his loyal and courageous companion Čučuk Stana, stands right beside him.