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Arrival: Dolazak
Departure: Odlazak

Lapušnja Monastery

Lapušnja Monastery is located two kilometres off the main road Paraćin – Zaječar, opposite to the turn for Krivi Vir. This holy place can be reached by dirt road leading in direction of Rtanj. It is built in a ravine next to Lopušanski Creek at the bottom of Vučja Glava hill (43° 47'18.8"N21°47'13.6"E). The existing temple is dedicated to the Saint Nicholas the Wondermaker. Its style, monumental architecture of the church and the entire complex containing remains of auxiliary buildings’ foundations, are an evidence that the monastery was founded and built before Ottoman conquests, at the time of Serbian Despotate. This is also proven by the fact that the oldest written information about Lapušnja monastery dates from 1455. The church that has triconch basis with octagonal dome, three-fold altar and narthex was reconstructed in 1501 by Duke Jovan Radul and the interior was painted in 1510 during the time of abbot hieromonk Theodor at cost of Prince Bogoje and Lady Mara. A partially preserved attached chapel is attached to the south wall. In 1971 walls and ceiling of the south conch have been rebuilt, narthex and apse were partially restored, while paintings were conserved by experts. Today, Lapušnja has no roof and ceilings, but the southwestern quarter of the dome has preserved, as well as the pale remains of frescoes, making it still a cultural monument of great importance for Serbia.