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Arrival: Dolazak
Departure: Odlazak

Lozica Monastery

Lozica Monastery is located to the west, in wider Rtanj area, approximately five kilometres opposite to Krivi Vir and south from the main road Paraćin – Zaječar (43°47'43.08"N21° 45'36.97"E). The earliest information on monastery dates from 1455, when it was registered as a tax payer by Ottomans. Therefore, it seems that the monastery and the church were built at the time of Serbian Despotate at the latest. The church has triconch basis with dome, measuring 14x5 meter, it is built from stone and holds a special place for altar of prothesis and diaconicon. The studies show that it used to have a chapel on the south side. It is dedicated to the St. Archangel Gabriel, so every year on 26th of July people assemble to celebrate the church’s patron. Monastery church was rebuilt in 1680 and once again in 1850. From 1854, when no more monks remained in the monastery, Lozica became a parish church that is currently served by Boljevac priests. The interior was also subject to minor renovations and reconstructions. The bell tower, which has been renovated in 2010, is located south of the church. A very strong spring of drinkable, cold water, as well as a water factory is found near the church.